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September 7, 2015


I thought that it might be appropriately droll if I emancipated the pre-order for my new album ‘The Long Shadow’ on Canada’s beloved BBQ jamboree…Labour Day; for some thick reason I spent an hour reading about our national holiday, and the paradox is, Canada is just a silhouette of what “Labour Day” initially stood for (unions seeking a 54 hour work week instead of 58hrs). The middle class is nonexistent, unions are shriveled and most of my peers work far longer than 54 hrs a week in order to make it work for his or her situation(s). Phil Ochs is rolling in his grave.


White (Canadians) people have it very cushy compared to other earthlings, therefore complacency sets in, rampaging on social media, hacking, BBQ’s, eco-terrorism (?) and petition signing have replaced impassioned protesting, rioting, letter writing, kidnappings and violent sabotage. I shake my head, trying to figure out how not to be a useless drone. I can swing a hammer, cook for my wife and kids, drive for days on end, endorse an unsung album or film, but after 40 years of plying so many trades the thing I know best is making albums, they can boost you up when you’re damaged or they can damage your hearing. Some people sell farming equipment, others remove kidney stones, we all have something to flog. Please purchase a version of this album when you can. Love Shuyler.

Please ask your local record retailer to order the LP or Digipak from Outside Music Distribution

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  1. Penny Sklove Levy permalink
    September 7, 2015 5:10 am

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